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Joyful Yoga Sanctuary

~step into the flow of your life~

~The Dance of Yoga~

A harmonious ~ fluid ~ creative approach to yoga to nurture your body, mind and spirit. The classes help to develop your BodyAwareness and teach you to use your breath consciously.

The Dance of Yoga encourages you to connect to your own unique expressions and teaches you to find natural ways to come back into the openness of your body.

A harmonious and flowing movement synchronized with the breath.

~ Honors the wisdom of yoga of different styles and traditions.

~The embodiment of dance.

~An honest and open approach to meditation.

~ A natural expression of yoga.

~ Creative ~ Radiant ~ Vital ~ Beautiful ~ Expressive


"The Dance of Yoga' is a stunning class taught by a creative and infectiously enthusiastic teacher who advocates 'yoga from within'. As a relatively experienced yogi, I found the focus on conscious breathing, body awareness and fluid movement into asanas unique and satisfying. At the same time, these sessions are not without challenge; they are also personalised well so that practitioners at all levels can improve their balance and control of postures." ~ Rosemary, "During Gabriella's yoga class i felt like that my own body was giving me a massage!" ~ Nandini "I was dancing through the whole class. The next day my body felt much more open than after any other yoga class. " ~ Alex, "Oil to my body! :-)" ~Barbara "I was going to have a massage today. But now after your class, Gabriella, my body is so open and feels so good that I don't need it. :-) " ~ Sam "I suffer from fibromyalgia but i hope i can make it to your class, as i feel it is doing a world of good to me!" ~ Ana, "We love it. At your classes we have a chance to go deeper and discover what our weak points are." ~ Billie "We all liked it. Time flies when you enjoy yourself." ~ Dorothy

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