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Joyful Yoga Sanctuary

~step into the flow of your life~

Pregnant Mamas' Circle

In our Pregnant Mamas' Circles we honour and celebrate all stages of Pregnancy through gentle practices of "The Dance of Yoga for Pregnancy" including a variety of Breathing exercises, Sacred Mudras, Affirmation, Visualisation and Sounding, also Deep Relaxation and a Healing Sound bath with Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls and with Gabriella's comforting singing voice.♡

In our Circles we create a positive attitude and positive atmosphere for our state of Pregnancy. We are uplifting the state of challenge into a state of great possibilities and blossoming. We are creating our present moment from our positive expectations of the future.

Pregnancy is a gateway, initiation and motivation to find conscious connection with our bodies on every level. The journey through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood is a rite of passage, an initiation into feminine power. Motherhood is an honorary warrior status, we connect with our strength as mothers to be. We prepare ourselves to become courageous, resilient and stable.

I am here to create a harmonious and compassionate space for us. A gentle space where we deepen our understanding of how to nurture, appreciate and accept ourselves fully and lovingly. We Women are precious and when we come together in our Circles, we are here to remember that we are precious and offer each other support along the way. ♡ Gabriella

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