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Joyful Yoga Sanctuary

~step into the flow of your life~

Mother and Baby Blessing Ceremony

~let us celebrate you, Mamma to be and your precious baby in your womb in blessed Sisterhood

~let us prepare you for this rite of passage, so you feel trust, love and joy in your heart♡

I am here to create a harmonious, connected, loving and joyful space for your 'Mother and Baby Blessing Ceremony' in the comfort of your own home or other chosen space.

I’ll ask you to provide a comfortable and cozy space for your Women guests, with plenty of cushions where we can all come together in a Circle. In our Circle we will awaken the feeling of divine Sisterhood in us. This way each and every Women around you can re-enter into your life in a whole new way, providing a deeper level of support to you at this time.

I will lead you through a beautiful meditation to prepare your body, mind, heart and soul to become a Mother (or renew yourself as a Mother if it is a second, third time around). Our meditation will also invite each Women in our Circle to reconnect with themselves through their heart and soul. In our Ceremony we consciously celebrate you as a 'Mother' and your beautiful baby in your womb. It is a time for you to be showered with care, love, affection, comfort, inspiration and positivity.

By celebrating this way and consciously joining in Sacred Sisterhood, we are preparing you, Mum to be, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the birth of your baby. I also support each women in our Circle to awaken her inner feminine wisdom, so we can all shower you Mamma and your baby with our divine blessings. I will have plenty of ideas for your guests to bring meaningful little gifts and I will suggest additional creative ways to celebrate. These ideas are to support you Mamma to reconnect with your peaceful mind and instinctive feminine power that help you during childbirth.

Our Ceremony is completed with a Healing Sound bath with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and with my comforting singing voice.