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Joyful Yoga Sanctuary

~step into the flow of your life~


The Real "Turning in”

Posted on 25 April, 2019 at 7:01 Comments comments ()
This writing of mine started out in a meditative state. I heard these powerful poetic words below emerge through the silence as an invitation for me to go deeper. I believe most of us experience the need for a deeper connection within.
Welcome your own Soul my child,
Let the pressures of everyday life drop away.
Celebrate what is eternally pure Inside of you.
Welcome yourself as a gift of precious stone,
Let the pressures fall into nothing.
You are Unbound, Undefined and Free!
Say with me: "I AM FREE, I AM FREE, I AM FREE!"
~ ~ ~

Oh my lovely who has done all the work, who has struggled, who has sweated and pushed it through, oh my lovely of most of us. Can you recognise yourself or do you just think that you have been sailing through your life with the greatest ease, no obstacles, no struggles, no force, ever? Probably most of us have those moments of falling out of our inner flow, when the real "turning in" becomes of great importance, supporting us to find our centre again. For example, the moments when a powerful masculine force has taken us over and it forces us to carry on with our repetitive thinking, daily routines, way of prioritising, perhaps leaving ourselves at last. Even the way we move our bodies can become a routine. This force can at times be very dominant, this force that could be called patriarchal, the way we grew up, inside or outside pressures, doing what we supposed to do. Who says so?

I have been training my soul to break free from unrealistic expectations of myself for long. I have been wanting to uplift the challenging moments of my life when i feel things are not flowing. I have been learning to be kind to myself and nurture myself. I have been observing and watching myself to make the best possible choices in any moment.

By now, I have stopped pushing. I have been so much better at accepting myself and offer love to the parts of myself that from time to time are crying out for extra attention. I have been realising the meaning of the word: “self-love” in a deeper level. I have learnt that it is a delicate, soft, gentle and kind feminine power that is guiding my heart and soul to a safe place where all i need is compassion and tenderness to feel at home in my body, mind, heart and soul. I have been reborn in myself in ways that stay with me forever. No one can take that away from me, ever, as i have found myself at last.♡

Emphasis ~ The power of our Focus

Posted on 4 February, 2019 at 6:58 Comments comments ()
Whenever I hear stories from people that sound like a difficult and negative experience for them, I am reminded. I am reminded of how easy it is to get lost in today's world, when the stories, advice and suggestions given to us through all sorts of media, channels and individuals are not coming from a positive, caring and mindful place, but instead are based on fear.
I am reminded of where I choose to put the emphasis in my life. I am reminded that my time is so precious and I have only a limited time to feed my own heart and soul, so I use it wisely. I am reminded that life is full of possibilities and choices and that I am conscious of where I want to be.I am reminded that I ride life's challenges with my inner eyes and ears open, rather than getting lost in listening to the opinions of others as to what I should do or who I should be.I am reminded of my connection to all things supportive and positive and that I am responsible for my own thoughts and way of living.I am reminded that I choose to face life's challenges with trust and strength in my heart.I am reminded that every obstacle in life is an opportunity for growth; and I can lead myself towards positive waters when I let my intuitive voice be heard and allow myself to listen to this very truth in the first place.So let us put the emphasis on what is important and uplifting. Let us give more power to all that feels right and less to what others think we should be or do. ♡

The Beauty inside

Posted on 29 January, 2019 at 5:55 Comments comments ()
"Love is the essence of the universe: full-bodied, joyful, ineffably potent. In its presence we can be fully alive, fully engaged. In this rich, vibrant environment we can let go of ego and any fear, connecting to heart and soul: at home at last."
Reading this quote my heart starts singing. Thinking yes, everything is possible, with trust, courage and openness in our hearts we can reach 'mountain highs' and hug the world around.I know, it is not easy to get to this place of deep trust. Perhaps it is not the mindset we have grown up with, but definitely the essence we were born with.So what has happened? Have we forgotten? Definitely yes, as it is so easy to forget.Knowing and Trusting that this Universal Love that is so pure and unconditional is already in our hearts and souls as it is the essence that we were born with, we can realise: Yes, it is already part of us. The only thing we need to do is just to connect with this beauty inside of us that we have long forgotten about. Is it that easy? No it is not. We have to find the way to connect. Is it difficult to connect? Not necessarily but it might take time to reach that deep. Is it fun to connect? Definitely, from the very first second. It is like going for an adventure, the road is full or surprises, fun and magic.From the very first moment we can already start exploring a sense of freedom and excitement that is part of the journey of Love. Can we have the promise that the journey will always be fun? Of course not, the road might be quite bumpy at times but that is when our trust will be tested again and we will reach deeper into ourselves as we are developing more understanding of ourselves. As we are carrying on, our journey will lead us towards peaceful waters and a deeper sense of self.With time our self-awareness increases and we start remembering more and more of our true nature. The pure essence that is Love itself.♡

Surrender to change

Posted on 11 October, 2018 at 8:33 Comments comments ()
When we start appreciating our life as it is, as it is constantly moving, changing and evolving.. When we surrender to the natural change of the seasons and the moving rhythms and cycles of life, then True beauty reveals itself♡
At the end of the summer some of us might have felt, "oh no, I don't want this to end" and the autumn has come anyway with the natural changing rhythms of nature. However by now we might have been well appreciating the beauty that the autumn brings with the variety of colours of the trees. The warm and pink lights that dance on the sky creating a gorgeous beauty as the sun descends into the night sky. Or the "out of the blue" fog that foresees the next turn of the seasons..when stillness enters with the winter.
As we start tuning into a deeper connection with nature, we can free ourselves of resistance and let our bodies follow the natural movement of the seasons.
To benefit from this autumn season and feel it through our whole being what it is that this autumn is here to teach for us, the best to go for a meditative walk in nature. A forest or a quiet park with trees would be ideal. Once we have found the tree that is inviting us with her presence, we could stand by her side with closed eyes and take a few deep breaths. Let us  see the parts of ourselves that are changing their colours as they are turning into yellow, orange, red and brown, the parts of ourselves that have served us plentiful and by now they are getting old and ready to shed. Let's just take our time to allow ourself to see and feel what it is that we are about to let go of. Then let us see the unfinished projects on our minds that are ready to be sorted and finished off, so something new can take their place. Perhaps even the clutter that has piled up in our cupboards are ready to leave us to give us a sense of spaciousness. 
With this renewed sense of open space in ourselves we might make more room in our body, mind and emotions to see ourselves a little clearer, a little freer, lighter and purer. Enjoy this season Ladies and what is about to enfold for you day by day.♡

Opening up

Posted on 8 August, 2018 at 9:00 Comments comments ()
I am not perfect and as I have been sailing through my journey sometimes through smooth waves, sometimes the roughest ones, I have learnt to accept that.
One of the most important thing that I have realised is "I don't need to be perfect at all!", as I am perfect in my own perfect imperfections.What is perfect anyway? Who invented 'perfect' at the first place? I feel like it is a term that comes from outside rather than inside. Perhaps the way we grew up, the way we sense the external pressures, the way the outside world suggesting what we need to do and who we need to be makes us want to learn and master what 'perfect' is. Then slowly the outside pressure becomes an internal pressure and we start thinking: "I need to do this, I need to do that to feel ok, to fit in, perhaps to be perfect". After a while it feels so familiar that we don't even see it, we don't even want to acknowledge it, so the internal pressure stays.I have been through the internal pressure of "trying to be perfect" a lot. I have been anxious and worried and made myself feel bad whenever I didn't feel, look or behave at my best. And then slowly I have learnt on the way..I have learnt that it is ok, as being and living my authentic self all the time, the best I can do to feel good. By not pushing down or away when I didn't feel at my best, by giving myself permission not to feel good, by offering myself compassion when i am not feeling at my best, was the greatest support I could give myself. In this way these 'not feeling good moments' disappeared in a flash, as all I needed to do is acknowledge them and give myself an imaginary hug saying: "it is ok, what can I do for you to feel good?"All the ups and downs are part of life and if we learn to accept that, they will be part of our lives but won't dominate us. By not pushing those moments away, by accepting them we might be able to reveal something about ourselves that was hidden, something that wants to be acknowledged and heard. Most cases it might be just trying to ask us: Woman, go and do something for yourself. Have a walk, have a bath or a little moment of lying down and connect with your breath or just have a loud sigh or stick out your tongue and release some tension with a lion breath. Sometimes it might be something deeper if it has been sitting there for a while ignored and lonely in us.Whichever is the case, our body wants us to listen and when we do, we have taken the first steps to start feeling better either in the moment or on the long run. ♡