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Joyful Yoga Sanctuary

~step into the flow of your life~

Angelic Reiki is a beautiful expression

of the highest Divine Love.

The healing sessions are held in pure unconditional love for You to manifest the highest Divine healing possible at the time. You lie on the treatment table during the therapy session in the state of deep healing rest as you receive the energies of the highest Divine Love.

Part of the session might be performed as a hands-on healing but not necessarily.

The Angelic Energies have been deeply affecting all of my life, keeping my energetic body in balance and encouraging me to live my truth, listen to my inner knowing and intuition, honor myself and follow my highest purpose on Earth.

The Angelic energies are beautifully delicate yet very powerful and they adapt perfectly to your needs.

I perceived these beautiful multidimensional, high frequency energies as they lift us and guide us forward in life. At the same time they allow us space and time to empower ourselves with self-realization and strength. The gentleness of the Angelic Energies teach you to be kind to yourself and give yourself time to assimilate the healing energies in your body.

I invite you to take this journey to bring your Energy System back into Balance and receive the state of harmonious, unconditional and nurturing Love. Healing therapy sessions are held in the Hammersmith, Ravenscourt Park area, W6 0EZ.


"Gabriella’s Angelic Reiki sessions are profoundly helping me in my process of healing and letting go of old wounds and patterns, facilitating my process of releasing blockages and providing gentle support for my self development. I feel very grateful and blessed for Gabriella’s valuable support and encouragement along the way. Angelic Reiki is helping me to understand, connect and accept myself better. It also helps me to develop my intuition, improves my communication and helps me to look after myself better in all aspects. My Angelic Reiki sessions with her were all unique and beautiful and included sound healing as well." ~ Anni